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Chroma Collective - About Us

Hi. We are Chroma Collective Tattoo Company.

Imagine two people who have dreamed of owning their own tattoo shop together from the day they met. After long distance, a Jersey Shore wedding, apartments to home ownership, switching shops, tattoo conventions around the country, adding fish, then puppies, and three children later, the possibility became very real. The only problem was the name.

We brainstormed names on our road trip honeymoon.

We brainstormed names on the way home from church.

We brainstormed names at Chipotle.

We brainstormed names at 4 am in our garage.

What did we want to communicate with the name of our shop?

Art. That we love art. That we create art. That tattooing isn't our only art.

Chroma. The purity or intensity of color.

Collective. Done by people acting as a group.

We want our clients to know that we will take the utmost care and creativity when we approach your new tattoo. We take into consideration important methods in regard to placement, appropriate size, the flow of the body, meaning, skin characteristics, perfect ink colors (or lack of), texture, dimension, and more before the needle ever hits your skin.

We work together, as a collective, as a team of owners and artists, to push each other forward in whatever we are creating. We have regular creative nights as a group where we focus on new techniques and better ways to do things. We motivate and inspire each other. We tattoo. We paint. We draw. We sculpt, We build. We design.

Now that Chroma Collective Tattoo Company is a reality, we want to welcome you in our doors, and put something on your skin that will resonate with you and that you will cherish for years to come.

Of course, we aren't all fluff. We also like to have a good time, so come check out our new shop when we open this January of 2014!

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