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Chroma at the Colorado Tattoo Convention 2016

We made it! It's been a really busy month at Chroma and we barely set up on time, but we are having SO much fun at the Colorado Tattoo Convention & Expo.

Not only do we have our house artists, Colin Kolker, Jimmy Sarace, Donald Tastevin & Mr. Ace, we also have Milo Alfring from Atlas Tattoo Studio in Steamboat at our pop-up-tattoo-shop and we are all having a blast.

First day is almost over and we still have two tattoos in progress, Jimmy Sarace won today's Best Color Bomb/New School tattoo (yay Jimmy!) and we've made a lot of new friends even though it's a Friday!

Don't forget, we are taking appointments for October-Jan 30 right now at the convention and giving you a 20% off card when you book it!

Here are some photo highlights from today:

Chroma Collective Tattoo & Laser Removal Co.

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