Aaron Cubbage

IG: @donemessedupa_aron

Phone: 720-851-2282

If you'd like to get in the books with Aaron, stop by the shop and speak with him or email him directly.  His books are filling up fast!! Please note, Aaron loves tattooing neo-traditional, and although he will gladly tattoo it all, clients allowing him to tattoo in the style that he's passionate about will sure make him happy, and then everyone is happy.  And whats wrong with that!? Absolutely NOTHING!

All appointments require a non-refundable $75 deposit. Aaron's rate is $150 per hour.

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Aaron Cubbage

Aaron has been tattooing professionally since 2017 after a couple years of apprenticing.  He loves tattooing his own take on neo traditional, with amazing line work and solid colors.  He'll gladly take anything that walks in the doors, but if you let him throw his spin on your idea, you definitely wont be disappointed!

For fun you'll find Aaron.........well....making your designs and ideas amazing.  Probably tanning real hard, and trying to figure out a golf simulator.  

Aaron is in the shop 

Tuesday-Saturday from 12-8