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Nick Luna

Phone: 720-851-2282

Nick is our newest family member at Chroma Collective since June 2023, and is always willing to take on new clients with all kinds of fun ideas!!!  He also does piercings, so if you've got the itch he can take care of you! Stop by or give us a call any time and chat with him about your next idea!

If you have already spoken with Nick about scheduling, and need to make a deposit, click HERE!!!

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Nick Luna

Dedicated Tattoo and Piercer from

San Diego

Nick began his tattooing career in 2019 on the beautiful island of Maui, in Hawai'i. Over the years, he spent time working with some of the top artists on the Island. Nick took advantage of living in paradise by drawing inspiration from its scenic beauty to enhance his work.

Specializing in blackwork tattoos, Nick's skills shine as he beautifully balances shades to craft compelling designs. He has a soft spot for floral themes, using stippling techniques to add depth and realism to his botanical tattoos.

In addition to florals, Nick also enjoys working on inspired tribal designs, blending elements from various Polynesian cultures. He is also a fan of manga and anime, and enjoys incorporating those characters into his client’s tattoos. For those passionate about classic cars, Nick offers tattoos that pay homage to these vintage beauties.

Nick values the stories and emotions of his clients, striving to ensure each tattoo resonates with their personal experiences and desires. Friendly and patient, he walks clients through the tattoo process, making sure they feel informed and comfortable.

If you're looking for a dedicated artist to bring your tattoo vision to life, consider Nick Luna. With years of experience and a genuine passion for his work, Nick is ready to help create your perfect piece.

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