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So, you want to know more? Let's chat and get you in the chair.

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You heard right! Chroma now offers laser tattoo removal!  With state of the art equipment and trained laser technicians, we can help you get rid of that tattoo you got on a drunken cruise to an island or just lighten your tattoo enough to create an amazing cover up piece without limitations!


Wait.. so you put them on and then take them off?


We know how that sounds, but that's not quite our goal. We knew that if we could also repair and cover-up tattoos as well as remove them, we could provide the most complete service and options for our clients. Ultimately, we want you to love the art on your body and Laser Tattoo Removal helps us to do just that. 

Chroma has evolved into Colorado's finest quality tattoo shop offering professional services to our clients and has chosen the Quanta Aesthetic Skin Laser to offer the safest and most effective proven method for tattoo removal and repair services - for the many colors used in tattooing - not just a few of them. We use the only laser available that uses 3 true wavelengths to treat ALL colors.

We have acquired State of Colorado recognized and certified  Laser Tattoo Removal Tech Certification from A Laser Academy, in Littleton, Colorado. We also are teamed up with Dr. J. Michael Caruso, MD FACEP, an experienced Aesthetic Laser Skin Professional for our Medical Oversight, training and consulting.  We are ready to provide you with the best possible result with your tattoo removal or repair in the Denver metro area.

you have options

  • We remove tattoos you are no longer happy with or confident about! 

  •  --------------

  • We can remove a tattoo partially or completely to make space for a new tattoo - and we also specialize in awesome cover ups!

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  • We can repair tattoos as well - spelling error? Fixed that! Other mistakes?

Chroma Collective Laser Machine - Quanta Q+C in Denver Metro Area

The Lowdown on Laser Tattoo Removal

What is  Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser technology is the most effective and advanced method to remove or lighten (in order to repair or cover up) a tattoo. The laser produces very short pulses of light (a BILLIONTH of a second, or a nano second) that pass through the upper layers of skin and react to the pigment (ink) changes within your natural skin color. 

Your tattoo is currently in a semi-liquid state in your skin. Our laser solidifies and fragments the ink into very fine particles. Your body's natural immune system then further breaks down & expels the ink through your lymphatic system. 

The Process: 

Tattoo Removal is a process that takes place over a period of time. There are several factors that effect results, (basic health, diet, general strength of your immune system, drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, age of the tattoo, and how well or poorly the tattoo was done) - leading to more treatments (or less), for full removal.

On average, the amount of treatments can range from 6-12, and can take from several months to a couple of years for complete results. 


Getting them removed safely CAN take some time. We want to make sure that your tattoo is properly removed, and no burning or scarring takes place, ensuring that by the end of the removal process, you are left with a beautiful blank canvas.

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